Have you ever sat in front of a computer for a long time, really needing to get something done but ended up getting little done and having little productivity, oftentimes feeling cluttered or getting headaches?

Or have you seen young child with an iPad or cell phone and wondered what that device could be doing to that young child’s mind?

You’re not the only one, and there’s a legitimate explanation for the overwhelming feeling that technology clouds our minds with.

Man-made Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) at this point is something we’re all accustomed to seeing in our daily lives – we use microwaves, Wi-Fi systems, cell phones, and computers nearly every day.

Each electronic device emits its own electromagnetic field (EMF), similar to the natural occurring EMFs like earth’s poles, thunderstorms, or the sun, but the EMFs coming from man-made electronic devices are much smaller yet still more harmful to the body.

Although smaller, in this article, The World Health Organization states that electric fields are strongest when close to a source, and their strength rapidly decreases as you go away from said source.

The close proximity is damaging when our minds are exposed for long periods of time.

Further research on this topic led to this chart, showing how electromagnetic radiation from smart cell phones penetrates the skull and affects the brain at different ages.

EMR penetration of a childs brain

For this reason, it is important to minimize the harmful radiation coming from these devices so we can protect ourselves from the long term negative effects of it.

But we don’t want to give up our computers, so researchers and people everywhere are wondering: What can we do about EMR?
In terms of protection, there are essentially two different routes you can take to shield yourself from the harm of radiation.

You can shield your devices with patches, cages, or other EMR shields – which minimize the harm of EMR by literally blocking the source. Shields like these are especially useful if you are targeting EMFs around the house that are always close proximity to you.

Simply stick an EMR patch on your device like a Wi-Fi router, a laptop or a cell phone or near it, and instantly feel relief from the electromagnetic overwhelm. Read testimonials to hear how EMR patches have helped other people.

The other option to protect yourself would be to wear/carry something that helps to block radiation from hurting the body.  Things that protect your body are typically items like charged stones, pendants or other types of jewelry.

You can read our full assessment of EMF EMR jewelry here.   In their own right, each of these preferences for protection are good options for you, it just depends which route you’d like to go.

If you want to protect the entire family and minimize most of the harmful EMFs in your home, getting a few patches for those devices can significantly reduce their effects on adult and young minds.

Below you can read more about some of the best EMR patches I have found, as well as get answers to some of your questions regarding EMF safety and protection.

How does EMR technology work?

EMR technology works against harmful EMR by creating a shield that defends the body against penetrating electromagnetic radiation or by strengthening the body’s natural defenses (jewelry).

As EMR has proven to be damaging to the brain, it is important for EMR protective devices to mitigate, reduce and block radiation from causing harm to the body.

To protect, EMF technology works on specific types of protection varying from generating an overall feeling of calmness and clarity to specifically countering high or low frequency EMFs.

How much Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is safe?

There is no real number to say…you can’t simply say only use your cell phone every other hour or only use the computer for a few hours a day. That’s just not how it is.

Because different devices give off different frequencies and thus have different levels of EMR, it is hard to say what the breaking point for each person is.

For your knowledge, lower frequency objects are things that use electricity, but for the most part don’t use radio waves to connect with other devices or communicate.

These things are oftentimes objects in your home like stoves, washer/dryer, Blu-ray players, digital clocks, portable heaters.

High frequency devices are what you need to stay away from is you’re trying to minimize the effects of radiation on the brain. This would be your cell phone, laptop, Bluetooth devices, and other devices primarily used for communicating.

Electromagnetic radiation has been linked to some brain tumors, which you can read more about further down in this article.

What material can block EMR?

Electromagnetic shields can be any material that is charged – similarly to a magnet – to repel electromagnetic radiation and fields.

Getting a shield to minimize the EMF is important because so often we are dealing with high frequency EMFs that are right next to us – microwaves, cell phones, computers, etc.

How can you protect yourself from EMR?

You can protect yourself using some of the patches I’ve mentioned, which are specifically targeting EMR that are around us every day. As technology advances and 5g becomes more prevalent, patches blocking larger EMR become more available.

You can also get patches that are used generally throughout the house and these will shield against internal electrosmog as well as penetrating outside radiation from power lines and smart meters.

If you are considering testing multiple products to find the best one for you, look specifically for products with satisfaction policies. This can help distinguish the legitimate brands as well as guarantee that you get the product you are happiest with.

How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation?

Great question! Your cell phone is one of the most harmful devices because we keep it close to our faces – especially when talking on the phone.

You can use an EMR patch, or even EMR reducing phone case to reduce most of the radiation that is headed to the brain. Large patches typically for Wi-Fi routers and new 5g technology are especially strong and meant to reduce nearly all electromagnetic radiation.

Although meant for stronger technology, they function equally great with cell phones.

How do I stop WiFi radiation from causing damage?

There are two ways to look at this. You can either protect yourself or you can protect the device and minimize the EMR it puts out into the world.

If you’re looking to reduce the EMR and/or electrosmog coming from your Wi-Fi router or other devices, I wouldn’t recommend putting a necklace over it but there are some options out there.

For one, ewater.com  has the EMR patch that sticks to the Wi-Fi Router, computer, cell phone, tablets and smart meters, getting right to the source.

This is the best option if you are looking to block one specific device and feel pretty normal with most others. The larger the patch, the greater area it can block EMR from penetrating.

This is a viable option for you if you don’t want to wear any jewelry but you would still like to be protected.

To protect yourself, pendants are great and stylish and continue to do their job. You can easily find one that’s large enough to cover an adult and not obnoxious or heavy to wear.

If you have previously tried a pendant and did not feel happy with the results, consider some of the products that I have recommended for you, like patches or phone cases. You may be surprised with the results you find.

How can EMF radiation be reduced?

EMF radiation can be reduced by countering it with an EMF/EMR shield. These come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from patches, to stones, or headphones, but all use similar technology.

Usually there is a finite amount of high frequency harmful EMFs around the house and they are easy to spot. Things like wires in walls, smart meters, microwaves, refrigerators just need a patch on them to reduce their overall effect on you.

Using an electromagnetic shield is the best way to prevent most of the harmful radiation that is occurring in your home. Since a few devices are doing a majority of the damage, it would serve you to find those and mitigate them.

Do anti-radiation/EMR stickers really work?

Yes they can. Using stickers or patches designed to shield from EMR do work, but please be wary of frauds. I have done a majority of the work for you, so don’t be fooled by a fraud.

The next decision is how much do you want to protect yourself or family, and from how many devices… The choice is yours, you won’t be disappointed.


If you’re still unsure of what you need to get or what would be the best thing for you, consider listening to some testimonials and learning how these products have helped other people.

Amongst them, you’ll find skeptics who say there is no real danger of EMR and deny the credibility of EMR research, but we have all felt the draining effects of being on the computer for hours.

So don’t leave it to chance, trust the research and protect yourself and your family from electromagnetic radiation.
A low price to pay for great health!

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