Top 10 EMF Protection Pendants

by | Mar 14, 2019

You landed on this page, so you probably already know what electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation are, but for those that don’t, EMFs and EMR are types of radiation that come from electronic waves.

Electronic fields and radiation don’t just come from our cell phones, computers and microwave… Natural EMFs also occur from other parts of nature like the sun, thunderstorms, as well as our own bodies.

While we enjoy major technological advances today it does come with a price. There are now tens of thousands of satellites orbiting the earth and there are plans for many more. These satellites are constantly beaming EMF’s down on us all day every day.

That is in addition to all the antenna, microwaves, and radio waves right here on earth that are bombarding us daily.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy the conveniences that this brings but it is also causing major issues with our bodies. Our bodies were designed to go into a defensive mode when assaulted by a perceived threat, and then open up again when the threat is passed or neutralized by the body.

However, with the constant assault of “ElectroSmog” we have today the cells in the body are not coming out of the defensive state. In essence your body has stopped communicating with itself.

Ever wonder why there are shelves upon shelves of energy drinks now. Whether you recognize it or not our bodies are not functioning properly. This causes constant fatigue and the need for caffeine.

This constant assault is causing poor sleep and that poor sleep doesn’t allow the body to heal itself. Your cells are constantly in a state of “shut down” so to speak. If your body can’t communicate properly with itself you can only imagine the implications.

The truth of the matter is that you can’t really stop it, short of maybe moving way out into the middle of nowhere. Even if we could stop it would you really want to go back to a time with out all of today’s luxuries.

Luckily there are ways to not only protect yourself but to also help heal the damage caused by the body being shut down for so long. There are devices now that will help the body to start communicating with itself again.


EP2 EMF Stress Pendant


  • Prevents cellular shut  down
  • Protects you from your own negative thoughts.
  • Never needs to be recharged


Q-Link SRT-3 EMF Pendant

  • It has been known to help improve eyesight.
  • Since it’s arcrylic, it easily passes airport security.
  • It is permanently sealed in a waterproof case.

QPY Anti EMF Pendant

  • Works even if carried in a pocket.
  • It is known to help stop tinnitus.
  • Its appearance goes well with any outfit.

Karelia Shungite EMF Pendant

  • helpful alternative to those with EMF allergies.
  • helps promote calmness in the midst of chaos.
  • It has been known to help reduce pain.

Orgone EMF Necklace

  • If you’re a Metatron enthusiast, this is perfect for you.
  • This makes for a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Converts negative ions into positive one

There are EMF devices for your home, for your personal use, as well as for your electronics. These devices can help stop further damage and help rebuild.

Personally, I have found EMF jewelry to be extremely helpful with de-cluttering my mind, protecting me from electronic overwhelm and always looking stylish!

Some other great reasons to protect yourself using EMF jewelry is that many provide protection from physical drain, negative thoughts caused by overwhelm, satellite radiation while supporting the body to protect and heal itself.

With some many possibilities in mind, and the many options available, it’s ever important to slim down your options as quick as you can.

You can protect yourself with other things, but consider EMF pendants when making your selection. You’d never guess what they can do for you until you put one on.

Below I’ve described and placed in order some of the best EMF pendants on the market. Look for yourself, read some of the great benefits of these pendants and how they have helped me and countless others in the battle against electromagnetic frequencies!

#1 – EP2 EMF Stress Reducing Pendant

The absolute best protection.  The EP2 looks a bit like angelite because it’s a very light blue. However, the exact tint of the EP2 more closely imitates the color of the sky on a very brightly sunny day. Though some also have a very light pink tint mixed in with the blue.

It comes with either a stainless steel chain or a regular chain. It is designed to protect from negative energy that comes form our electronics. It can also be used to energize the things we consume, including food. Many have said that it brought them from complete sluggishness to being as energized as a new battery.


  • Is known to enable you to work on your computer or other electronic devices for hours on end without the negative health effects.
  • If you tend to feel sluggish, severe fatigue, or muscle soreness during the day, it can help boost your energy level.
  • Protects from even your own negative thoughts and prevents cellular shut down
  • Never needs to be recharged


  • A little pricey, but worth it
  • A little larger than the rest.

#2 – Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 EMF Pendant

The Q-Link Arcrylic looks like something that you would wear to the gym. In fact, it is often worn by pro athletes, doctors, celebrities, business professionals, and yoga enthusiasts. It comes with a 30-inch cord and its own brochure. Chains up to two millimeters will fit through the hole.

It is made with superfine copper wire and the induction coil is what helps to radiate the energy. The black nylon cord can easily be washed and dried. Others come with a smooth silk cord. However, if you travel a lot, a cotton rope is best for passing security. The scanners don’t hurt it any.


  • It has been known to help improve eyesight.
  • Since it’s arcrylic, it easily passes airport security.
  • It is permanently sealed in a waterproof case.


  • If you have a pacemaker, check with a doctor.
  • Its cord is super-long so you may have to cut it back for comfort

#3 – Shuzi Black EMF Pendant

The Shuzi Black EMF is made from stainless steel and has the Shuzi logo. Like all Shuzi products, it is embedded with the nano vibration technology (NVT) chip and gold plated. It is designed to adapt to your body and enable your cells to intercommunicate more effectively.

The NVT is designed to help protect against electromagnetic harshness. One unique thing about the NVT chip is that it is manufactured in the U.S. Shuzi energy is subtle. When it’s worn on or close to the body, it also promotes healthy blood circulation. It is also designed to stimulate healthy brain activity.


  • Is very appealing to Shuzi enthusiasts
  • Has been known to help reduce inflammation and pain
  • Has been known to help with insomnia


  • It only promotes subtle energy
  • Not good for large volumes of EMF

#4 – eLink EMF Neutrilizer

It is said to be the same technology that has been keeping our electronic devices from crashing all the time. Hence, you can think of it as a small “vaccination” against the electromagnetic field. It covers a field diameter of about six feet.

It is made of silicon dioxide. It does not contain any metals or BPA. It also has properties similar to a moonstone but is not moonstone itself.  It increases energy and mental stamina.


  • Other crystals do not interfere with it.
  • It does not need to be grounded.
  • It has been known to reduce the need for sleep in half.


  • It apparently does not do well against microwaves.
  • It does not work for psychological effects.

#5 – Karelia Shungite EMF Pendant

Shungitas are believed to be around two billion years old. They have long been believed to possess many healing properties. These days, it helps to reduce the impact of the electromagnetic field.

The Karelia is 50 mm by 25mm with a weight of five grams. It is believed to help the nervous system move more smoothly as well as increase resistance to stress. It is known to help with thyroid diseases and a reduced vitaility. It is also known to cleanse drinking water.

This is a genuine stone so you can also safely carry it in your pocket. It is 30 to 60 percent of carbon and the rest is other elements.


  • It has been known to be a helpful alternative to those with EMF allergies.
  • It is known to help promote calmness in the midst of chaos.
  • It has been known to help reduce pain.


  • Unfortunately, there are some fakes out there. The way you can tell that is by a flashlight and a battery. If the light turns on against the back of the battery, it’s genuine.

#6 – QPY Anti EMF Protection Pendant

The QPY is made from a combination of Japanese volcanic ash and black tourmaline. Aside from protecting against the damaging effects of the electromagentic field, the QPY also increases confidence and physical vitality during the day.
It also helps to neutralize negative thoughts and internal conflicts.

It helps to support blood circulation and chakra balancing. It is also said to be very grounding. It assists with fear and helps to calm paranoia. If you have a smoking habit, it is known to heal with that. It is known to alleviate the symptoms of numerous diseases, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.


  • Even if you carry it in a purse or pocket, it still works.
  • It is known to help stop tinnitis.
  • Its appearance goes well with any outfit.


  • Some say that the pendant drags on the lightweight cord.
  • That it’s been known to come undone and break.

#7 – Scalar Energy Pendant

The Scalar is a combination of volcanic ash and many other crystals including tourmaline, infrared, magnet, and germanium. It protects from the electromagnetic effects and even works against microwaves and induction cookers. It is known for significantly reducing stress.

It also assists with other bodily functions such as metabolism, reducing insomnia, and releasing negative ions. If you have a tendency to be flighty, it can help keep you grounded. If you are service-minded and want to inspire others, it helps with that as well.

It also helps to improve memory and mental focus. It is suitable for both everyday and special occasion wear.


  • It has been known to help eliminate coldness in the feet.
  • It emits waves of protective energy.
  • It is suitable for everyone, even elementary school-aged children


  • It may be too strong to wear 24/7 at first. If so, start out in small increments.

#8 – Orgone EMF Necklace

The Orgone is designed with Metatron’s cube. The cube consists of 13 equal circles from the ancient flower of life. It is infused with Reiki energy and a lot of elements such as aluminum powder, resin, and obsidian.

It contains stones for all seven of the chakras, such as clear quartz and red jasper. It cleans stagnated and negative energy. It helps to alleviate insomnia. It promotes better physical vitality and a better sense of well-being.

It also acts like an air filter. It helps to promote calmness in the midst of chaos and to alleviate the effects of the electromagnetic field.


  • If you’re a Metatron enthusiast, this is perfect for you.
  • This makes for a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Converts negative ions into positive ones.


  • The healing effects vary between individuals.

#9 – Karelian Heritage Shungite Pendant

The Karelian originates from Karelia, Russia. It is a shungite used primarily for chakra balancing. It comes in three shapes. They are considered to be some of the best protection against geographite defenses.

It is especially known for harmonizing the nervous system and balance within your energy field. It is also known for relieving stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It also assists in water detoxification.

It is also known for being the best defense against microwave frequency radiation. It is made of 30 to 50 percent carbon.  However, they do need to be cleansed and charged on a regular basis.


  • The Karelian is only about one inch in diameter.
  • It can even be worn if you work out or are in a hot climate and break out a sweat.
  • Like most EMF devices, you can also wear it with a pacemaker.


  • It has been known to leave a black stain on the skin and shirt.
  • Needs to be left in the ground to recharge on occassion.

#10 – Tvoip Anti EMF Protection Pendant

The Tvoip is known for transmuting negative energy. It is made mostly of volcanic lava and gold tourmaline. It boosts blood circulation. It is also known for turning negative thoughts into neutral ones and heal internal conflicts.
It mediates for connections between the Earth’s and human energy. It also protects from infrared radiation.

It helps to increase connectivity and flow of energy throughout the day. It is also known for increasing self-confidence, improving sleep and mental focus. It guards against EMF radiation and protects against many other environmental pollutants. It also neutralizes negative ions by boosting their oxygen and charging them with extra electrons.


  • It works even if you just carry it in your pocket.
  • It helps to alleviate insomnia
  • It also helps to balance frequency in plants and animals


  • The pendant may be too thick for some people

I would recommend the EP2 stress reducing pendant. It seems to be the most genuine. Since it’s so large in diameter, it means that it covers a bigger field for protection electromagnetic radiation. The fact that it imitates the sky makes for a very calming effect. It also prevents your cells from shutting down.

The others listed above sound okay but don’t seem as if they provide as wide a range of protection. Also a true protection mineral does not need anything like a coil to work. The addition of gold in a couple of the others seems rather materialistic.