If you’re here, you probably already know what EMF and EMR are, but for those that don’t, Electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation respectively, are types of radiation that come from electronic waves.

But, electronic fields and radiation don’t just come from our cell phones, computers and microwaves… As explained by the World Health Organization, the reason a compass needle points north is because the naturally occurring EMF on earth. [1]

Natural EMFs also occur from other parts of nature like the sun, thunderstorms and more. So, if EMFs are natural and have been here since the dawn of time, why are we now looking to reduce our exposure to it?

Well, naturally occurring EMFs are significantly less damaging to the human brain than man-made EMFs are – The World Health Organization states that electric fields are strongest close to a charge and their strength ‘rapidly diminishes’ as you separate from the charge.

The earth’s poles, the sun, thunderstorms. None of these are really close to us. But you’re reading this on a phone or on a computer, which you are quite literally touching.

EMR penetration of a childs brain

What this graphic shows is the amount of radiation that penetrates the skull when using a cell phone to talk. Although in the adult the damage is less, you can obviously see the troubling nature of cell phone radiation, let alone larger devices.

Our computers give off EMFs that we can’t prevent, but they give us a luxury and leisure to life that we don’t want to pass up. Researchers, scientists and everyday people are looking for the answer to get the best of both worlds.

There are lots of EMF protection products available that do an assortment of things, but I want to focus on jewelry, where for the most part the goal is to either build up the body’s natural cell defenses, or build an electromagnetic shield around the body, repelling the EMFs we deal with every day.

How does EMF technology work?

EMF technology works against harmful EMFs by creating a shield that defends the body against penetrating electromagnetic radiation or by strengthening the body’s natural defenses.

As EMF has proven to be damaging to the brain, it is important for EMF protective devices to mitigate, reduce and block radiation from causing harm to the body.

To protect, EMF technology works on specific types of protection varying from generating an overall feeling of calmness and clarity to specifically countering high or low frequency EMFs.

How much Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is safe?

There is no real number to say…you can’t simply say only use your cell phone every other hour or only use the computer for a few hours a day. That’s just not how it is.

Because different devices give off different frequencies and thus have different EMFs, it is hard to say what the breaking point for each person is.

For your knowledge, lower frequency objects are things that use electricity, but for the most part don’t use radio waves to connect with other devices or communicate.

These things are oftentimes objects in your home like stoves, washer/dryer, Blu-ray players, digital clocks, portable heaters.

High frequency devices are what you need to stay away from is you’re trying to minimize the effects of radiation on the brain. This would be your cell phone, laptop, Bluetooth devices, and other devices primarily used for communicating.

Electromagnetic radiation has been linked to some brain tumors, which you can read more about further down in this article.

What material can block EMF?

Think back in your elementary science class when you were taught one side of the magnet repels and the other side of the magnet attracts.

Electromagnetic shields can be any material that is charged – similarly to a magnet – to repel electromagnetic radiation and fields.

Creating a shield around oneself is important because so often we are dealing with high frequency EMFs that are right next to us – microwaves, cell phones, computers, etc.

What material can block EMF?

Think back in your elementary science class when you were taught one side of the magnet repels and the other side of the magnet attracts.

Electromagnetic shields can be any material that is charged – similarly to a magnet – to repel electromagnetic radiation and fields.

Creating a shield around oneself is important because so often we are dealing with high frequency EMFs that are right next to us – microwaves, cell phones, computers, etc.

How can you protect yourself from EMF?

Using jewelry that is magnetized to repel electromagnetic radiation is a great option when you want to protect yourself from any possible EMF damage.

Jewelry, especially pendants and necklaces, is a great option for you because it focuses around the head area where most of the damage is done.

They work to shield the entire body, but by sitting around the neck area they are ready to fight any EMFs that are trying to penetrate the brain and function to continuously repel through magnetism.  We have compiled a list of the best emf pendants here.

How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation?

Great question! Your cell phone is one of the most harmful devices because we keep it close to our faces – especially when talking on the phone.

You can use EMF jewelry to reduce most of the radiation that is headed to the brain. Large pendants, and those fighting new 5g technology are especially strong and meant to reduce nearly all electromagnetic radiation.

How do I stop WiFi radiation from causing damage?

There are two ways to look at this. You can either protect yourself or you can protect the device and minimize the EMF it puts out into the world.

To protect yourself, pendants are great and stylish and continue to do their job. You can easily find one that’s large enough to cover an adult and not obnoxious or heavy to wear.

These pendants are often worn under clothes or on top, and function either way. If you’re not fond of necklaces, there are rings, earrings, and bracelets available with the same functionality.

If you have previously tried a pendant and did not feel happy with the results, consider some of the products that I have recommended for you. They have proven to be the best of the best.

If you’re looking to reduce the EMF or electrosmog coming from your WIFI router or other devices, I wouldn’t recommend putting a necklace over it but there are some options out there.

For one, ewater.com has the EMF patch that sticks to the Wifi Router, computer, cell phone, tablets and gets right to the source.

This is another viable option for you if you don’t want to wear any jewelry but you would still like to be protected.

How can EMF radiation be reduced?

EMF radiation can be reduced by countering it with an EMF/EMR shield. These come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple stones to headphones, but all use similar technology.

There are many items we encounter every day that we cannot prevent from creating EMFs because that would be incredibly expensive, and take a lot of digging.

With EMFs coming from wires in walls, smart meters, microwaves, refrigerators and many other things you could guess and name, the best way to stay protected is to protect yourself.

For this reason, I am recommending the EMF pendants because many work with your body to repel radiation from entering the brain.

Creating an electromagnetic shield around you is the best way to prevent all radiation that is coming from many different areas that you may not even know. This is why the jewelry is key in staying protected especially in high frequency EMF environments like computer labs and large work spaces.

Is 5g harmful?

With the new technology comes new risks. 5g technology requires new cell phone towers and more connectivity with cell phones, which ultimately creates a larger EMF. You can read Natural Blaze’s study of there here. [2]

5g is more harmful than 3g, yes. Because it creates a bigger electromagnetic field, which increases radiation, which increases your chances of being exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Since the thought of 5g technology, there have been those who debate the harmfulness of it – big business claiming it to be harmless. But although it is more harmful, that doesn’t mean you can’t be protected from it.

Using EMF jewelry is one way to protect yourself, with many new technologies specifically shielding against 5g technology.

So fret not, we won’t let technology win this round.

Can EMF cause cancer?

Pointing fingers to one thing causing cancer is a very strong claim and not nearly the case for most people who are suffering from cancer. It would be unfair to say that EMF causes cancer.

But, exposure to radiation, from cell phones and from cell towers, has been linked to increasing chances for a malignant brain tumor, glioma [3].

In his research, Hardell did not find this great example of a person who used their cell phone excessively and one day developed a brain tumor.

Basically what he found was that the repeated exposure to radiation from constantly putting the phone up to your ear, left the temporal lobe more at risk for developing a malignant tumor than other parts of the brain.

Do EMFs cause cancer, no.
Should you indulge in radiation as if it is harmless, also no.
If this exposure worries you, protect yourself before it’s too late.

Are there any cell phone cases that protect against radiation?

Yes, there are a variety of items available for purchase including phone cases. Before purchasing, please be sure you’re using a legitimate website or store.

Asking about return policies and satisfaction guarantees are a simple way to guarantee your happiness with the products and prevent yourself from losing out.

Legitimate products will be coupled with a satisfaction warrantee as a kind of insurance. Be on the lookout for those awesome deals (and not just price tag)!

Do anti radiation stickers really work?

Yes. Using stickers or patches designed to shield from EMFs do work, but please be wary of frauds. You can read more about EMF stickers, patches, and attaching devices here. 


Finally, the best advice I can give to you is to find the product that works for you. I have included some tips to help you get started, and I hope that you will consider these things when looking to shield yourself against harmful EMFs.

I personally am a purveyor of jewelry and could only recommend what has worked for me to you. Leave comments and tips for me to hear more about how you’ve minimized yourself from EMF exposure!


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